Dungeon Repair - Global Game Jam 2020

Dungeon Repair was made in under 48 hours for the 2020 Global Game Jam. It is a non violent first person slasher where the player rebuilds a destroyed dungeon in order to grow stronger and escape!

You are trapped! The exit to the dungeon has been blocked by a gold ore landslide! You must train your repair skills on broken objects in the dungeon to LEVEL UP your hammer and break yourself out. Will you ever breathe fresh air again? Will you discover the secrets of the dungeon? Will you MAX OUT your HAMMER LVL? Find out by playing Dungeon Repair!

PLAY FOR FREE at - https://billyjackman3d.itch.io/dungeon-repair

Global Game Jam submission page - https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/dungeon-repair-8

Art, Design, & Programming - Billy Jackman
Music by Alexandr Zhelanov - https://soundcloud.com/alexandr-zhelanov

Gameplay Trailer - Dungeon Repair - Global Game Jam 2020